Monday, May 14, 2007

How did I do that ?

Two pounds ! Now I would like to reverse engineer this so I could do it again. It could be because of one of two things that I changed. I exercised probably three times as much as usual. I also split my meals up to five from three. The funny things is I did eat bread. There is also a third possibility that it was really due to things I did on Sunday when I had no carbs at all. Or it could be the positive momentum and synergy of all the good things I am doing and my body getting the message that I a really want this.

Yesterday I discovered an amazing site that is a real source of inspiration the best part was something I read today The Long Haul . What I like best about this site is that the author encourages everyone to find their own way of accomplishing their goal. This is something that I am doing and I suggest for you to also. In fact my 14 principles may not work for you, so think of the rules that will work for you. So feel free to download my spreadsheet then - yes - change the rules. Then when you lose all that weight you can sing "I did it my way". I hope you find this an inspiration:

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