Friday, May 25, 2007

Ignore the scale ?

Do we ignore the scale when it delivers bad news. Sounds like shooting the messenger. There has always been conventional wisdom that we should weigh in once a week so we do not go on an emotional roller coaster. Today I can see the wisdom in that idea. Even though I was almost a saint the scale treated me like the devil. So I would suggest if we know that we have done well ( via our grades ) it is time to put the scale aside for a few days.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Holiday Success

Yesterday I had a holiday - with of course two really calorie laden meals. Yet through my eating habits aquired recently I controlled my eating ......and did what seems to be the most improtant thing. Stoped eating early in the day - 5 PM. Which was not a problem because I had eaten plenty before - there was no need to eat any more. So if I getthe chance to rearrange the rules according to priority that rule is moving higher on the list. Final result was over the holiday I lost 1.2 pounds !

Monday, May 21, 2007


According to Chris Guirrero we need to have big audacious goals in order to motivate ourselves. It should really be a list of them so if one starts to loose it's pulling power the rest will kick in. So here goes my first attempt:
1. To be so full of energy that I can all day long feel full of power
2. To have a body that I am proud to look at
3. To have a face so young looking without the beard
4. Clothes look very sharp
5. To blow out my clients minds when they see me 85 #'s thinner
6. To have a really tight body with a hint of muscles

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Bouncing back !

Yes. Got to keep the fire burning ! Perhaps I should keep in mind how much better I feel when I am on track.

Oh no !!!!!!

What a blowout this weekend. Does not take too much of a detective to figure out what went wrong when I look at my grades C & F for Friday & Saturday. However I am back and ready to take on the challenge with renewed vigor. I hope that if I am really careful then I will drop some of the salt weight pickup from the weekend.

Thursday, May 17, 2007


Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will.
Mahatma Gandhi

That will is demonstrated when we bounce back - like I did yesterday - losing 1.4 pounds after a gain in the previous day. I made the corrections - elimanted night eating and added exercise to get back on track. Lets keep strong today - weekend is a major league test that I will pass !

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Ups and downs

I hate to admit it - but yesterday was an up ! Gained .8 pounds - probably due to late night eating - salty and an up tick in calories and less exercise. This was my first B since I started and I am determined to get an A today. So today the whole days food is already planned out. I am really trying to watch my overall carbs for the day because I think that has a direct correlation with success. However the biggest lesson from yesterday was that the after 8 eating rule should be enforced. In fact I will enforce it tonight and even try to reinforce it with EFT. Mistakes are learning experiences if we evaluate and correct them and that is what I want this to be a learning experience that teaches me how to lose even more.

Getting in a groove

Yesterday I lost 1.8 pounds. Understood that these kind of numbers are starting to diminish, however I will take it any "healthy" loss the way it comes. I walked for over an hour and a half yesterday. What I am really thankful about is the feeling that I am getting very comfortable with the food choices and behaviors that are making me loose weight. The lesson is that the most difficult thing is breaking the patterns that got us into the mess we are in.

Monday, May 14, 2007

How did I do that ?

Two pounds ! Now I would like to reverse engineer this so I could do it again. It could be because of one of two things that I changed. I exercised probably three times as much as usual. I also split my meals up to five from three. The funny things is I did eat bread. There is also a third possibility that it was really due to things I did on Sunday when I had no carbs at all. Or it could be the positive momentum and synergy of all the good things I am doing and my body getting the message that I a really want this.

Yesterday I discovered an amazing site that is a real source of inspiration the best part was something I read today The Long Haul . What I like best about this site is that the author encourages everyone to find their own way of accomplishing their goal. This is something that I am doing and I suggest for you to also. In fact my 14 principles may not work for you, so think of the rules that will work for you. So feel free to download my spreadsheet then - yes - change the rules. Then when you lose all that weight you can sing "I did it my way". I hope you find this an inspiration:

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A pound a day makes the doctor go away

Another day another pound gone. Yes I know that it is unlikely that I can sustain this rate for very long - but you never know. My expectation is that even if I do not get the reinforcement from my scale every day if I have graded myself and received a good grade then I can feel good about doing the right thing.

Part of my free diet plan is the principles that I am grading myself on. The first principle is the elimination of white flower and sugar. Yesterday I added a short page to discuss why the diet devil is not red but .... WHITE ! ( sugar and flour that is).

Progress is always good

Even if I would go a snails pace but was constantly making progress I would be pleased and would eventually reach my goal. The problem is when we lose and gain it seems like we end up on the wrong end of the see saw. However this weekend I accomplished a major feat - I LOST WEIGHT OVER THE WEEKEND ! So instead of gaining back most or all of the weight I lost so far instead I actually lost 1 pound. Can you tell I am proud of myself ?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday - Toughest day of the week

This was probably the best weekend I have had for my diet in the last year. The knowledge that I would be grading myself on all aspects helped me to stay on the wagon. So no out of control binges. I am very curious what the scale will say tomorrow - but either way I know I already got an A and know I am doing great.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Yes !!!!!!!!

Day one was really natural or not stressful at all because of the new or renewed good eating habits. Even better than that was the loss of 1.2 pounds ! Now if I could do that for the next 60 days I will have lost = 72 pounds that is close enough to goal. That was exactly the kind of thinking that got me in this mess. So lets restate that - one more day completed to acquring the habits that will make me healthy for the rest of my life.

Grade Diet - A New Beginning

This blog will be an adjunct to my web site set up at Googlepages. The blog will be comprised of daily posts whereas the web site will be for more stable information that will be relevant for new people adopting the diet.

I have completed my first day on my newly invented plan and I scored an A ! I did not do any Psyche work - however I must say that I seting up the web site and the personal accountability of doing a blog and a website to be excellent - I AM SO PSYCHED ! If anyone in the blogosphere reads this and wants me to link to them for that extra motivation boost - I am ready willing and able to help.

Can not wait to post my new weight as of tommorow morning.